While the suns out

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Posted: 9th October, 2018

Before the bad weather hits why not take a look and your guttering and see if it could do with replacing

Leaks can cause stains, cracks and damp penetration

At Intercounty we can replace your gutters with sectional or seamless aluminium guttering. Please take a look around our website for different images and information about our products and previous projects

Our sectional gutters are avaliable in a number of profiles and sizes such as : Half Round Gutters, Ogee Gutters, Box Gutter

National Gutter Maintenance Week?! - You bet!

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Posted: 10th June, 2015

As the sun beats down outside in what finally looks like the beginnings of the British summer, it might seem odd to be thinking about rainwater systems: the gutters and downpipes that drain water away and keep our homes dry. However, we just stumbled upon an article, via Twitter, that talks about just that.

Leaking gutters and downpipes can damage your home

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Posted: 20th May, 2015

The picture shows a broken uPVC downpipe. It has evidently been vandalised or hit accidentally. uPVC is a cheap material that is often used automatically by builders and other tradesmen, because it is cheap. But you have to ask yourself – is it cost effective, for you the homeowner, in the long run? We would say no – installing cheap, inferior materials means revisiting the same problems of cracks and leaks over and over again.

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