leaking gutters

Leaking gutters or a new build requiring aluminium guttering

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Posted: 7th January, 2019

Leaking gutters can ruin your home

Leaks from gutters can cause damp penetration and rot, this can lead to an expensive repair bill. With our seamles gutters there arent any joints in the running lengths so no areas for leaks. Strong, so can cope with snow fall and ladders leaning against them. Tailor made to fit your property. No Painting Maintenance. Alumnium gutetrs add style and charactor to your property and look much better than the default plastic gutters, please browse photos of our 'previous projects' 

Black seamless guttering on a preserved estates home in Matley Stalybridge

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Posted: 18th December, 2018


We have recently installed seamless aluminium guttering on a preserved stone cottage in Matley Stalybridge. We have used L shaped brackets and wraps manufactured from aluminium to match in with existing features of the property.

We supply and fit seamless and sectional gutters for a range of poperties style and features

0161 366 8866

Seamless Aluminium Guttering

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Posted: 20th November, 2018

For stone properties which you cannot directly fix the gutters we can use brackets which fit into the brikworks 

The guttering brackets give a nice tradtional fitting look to the property

This stone property was in Bakewell, they had black seamless guttering fitted and fitted their own PVC pipes

We replace and install aluminium seamless and sectional guttering in and around Manchester and the North West

Please contact Intercounty Rainwater in Hyde for more informaiton 0161 366 8866

Leaking gutters in this downpour

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Posted: 11th September, 2017

Are your gutters on your home leaking in this heavy rain?

Why not replace them with Seamless aluminium. Seamless guttering has a greater capacity than PVC, so your gutters won't over flow when there is heavy rainfall

We supply / fit both PVC or aluminium downpipes, depending on your specification

We supply rainwater goods in black, brown, white and anthracite grey

Call Jerry Willock for more information and a no obligation quotation today on 0161 366 8866

Are your gutters leaking?

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Posted: 1st September, 2017

Have you noticed that your gutters are leaking in these heavy rain downpours?

Why not get a quote to replace your guttering with seamless aluminium... Seamless aluminium have a greater capacity than plastic i.e hold more rainfall. As winter is starting to loom consider the inpact of snow on your gutters, plastic will not hold the same weight as aluminium will..

Act now before damage before you get any stains, cracks, damp penetration and rot on your home

We offer a no obligagtion quotation, we can give you a rough estimate over the phone or conduct a site visit

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