• April Showers!

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    Photography and Graphics by Stephen Riley

    April, with its customary showers, is here again. Given what we have seen during the last few months, we may well greet this with optimism, as it suggests periods when it DOESN’T rain, as well as periods when it does. That might be a refreshing change!

    However, we in Cheshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire and West Yorkshire have done far better than the people of Somerset, Devon, Berkshire and Surrey. Greater Manchester, legendary for its hefty rainwater stats, seems to have come through a record wet winter largely unscathed, compared to some regions.

  • Spring is in the air - time to replace those leaky old gutters with Seamless Aluminium!

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    Leaves and modern home, Cheshire. Stephen Riley Photo

    As spring finally puts in an appearance, our minds turn to home maintenance. That wet, windy winter certainly put our outdoor decor and features to the test. Gutters and rainwater pipes may have been dislodged in the high winds, low-capacity plastic gutters may have been overwhelmed in heavy rain, and paint jobs may be looking flaky....

    Why not give us a call for a free, no-obligation quotation for long-lasting, low maintenance, high capacity aluminium seamless gutters: 0161 366 8866

  • Aluminium Gutters in every colour under the Sun!

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    Colour-keyed gutter and fascia

    Colours, lovely Colours!

    Did you know, Intercounty Rainwater now offers aluminium gutters in any colour you could wish for?!

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