Another Fantabulous Richmond Oak Conservatory with InterCounty Aluminium Gutters

Here we see ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots.

BEFORE: dowdy, white UPVC conservatory and gutters

An old white UPVC conservatory with off-the-peg plastic gutters, and its replacement: a fabulous new oak conservatory with Intercounty Seamless Stratus Ogee Gutters in polyester powder coated aluminium.

The existing plastic structure was hardly an appropriate addition to this beautiful, thatched, listed stone cottage, nestling in the Northamptonshire countryside. The UPVC gutters were a basic, modernist, angular half-round design; completely out of place on such a historic building. Now, the subtle hues of the natural oak conservatory blend far better into this English country setting; and Intercounty Seamless Guttering’s gloss black, traditionally-styled rainwater system, complete with round section downpipes, works perfectly – practically and aesthetically – in these surroundings.

The transformation is striking. The upgrade takes the vista from something that Prince Charles might have had unflattering and stern words for, to something that looks like a proper representation of English workmanship.

AFTER: a fantastic new finish in oak, with Aluminium Gutters and Downpipes

Being a champion of environmental issues as well as architectural ones, His Royal Highness might not have been too thrilled by the UPVC in use in the original structure either, as it is a notoriously eco-unfriendly material. On the other hand, nothing could be more natural than oak, and aluminium is one of the greenest and most easily recyclable metals.

And a close-up, showing the beauty of the wood and Ogee gutters working perfectly with the design

We feel that the completed project is something of which both Richmond Oak Conservatories and the homeowners can be proud. And we feel pretty good about it ourselves, too!

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