Broken Plastic Gutters and Downpipes? Upgrade to Aluminium

Sadly, broken plastic rainwater pipes and gutters are not an untypical sight.

In this shot, firstly, we can see that this plastic rainwater pipe has been damaged, by accidental impact or vandalism.

Secondly, we can see that the homeowner has made an attempt to rescue the situation with ugly, rusty steel brackets. 

The result is not only unsightly, it leaves the building open to water ingress and damage.

Plastic pipes are naturally prone to this kind of abuse and damage. We provide aluminium rainwater pipes which will not fracture in this way. 

For general use our basic range of round and square section aluminium downpipes are much tougher than plastic; plus, the square section versions can be supplied with matching flush-fitting pipe brackets so that fingers cannot get round the back to dislodge the pipe or climb up it.

For heavy-duty use we also supply a special range of ‘Vandal Resistant’pipes. These fit tightly to the wall and include hidden fixings. This range is made from thicker aluminium and is suitable for challenging locations.

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