Got Overflowing Plastic Gutters? Choose Large Capacity Aluminium Gutters instead

By now most of us have noticed the effects of Climate Change, and whereas this has brought milder winters and summers warm enough to produce grapes in some English counties, it has also started to bring much heavier rainfall.

All that extra heat is causing water to evaporate more rapidly from the oceans and fall more ferociously onto our homes. We have all experienced much heavier deluges in recent years, and many of us will also have noticed that the little half-round plastic gutters our homes were equipped with when they were first built are no longer able to cope with that extra flow.

Intercounty Seamless’s mighty 5” Ogee-profile Seamless Aluminium Gutters have around 2 ½ times the capacity of standard domestic half-round gutters, and as such can deal with much more of what nature now throws at us. Add to this the greater reliability of a joint-free Seamless Aluminium Rainwater System, and you can see why it is the clear and obvious choice. 

You should only need to replace your gutters once, so it is important to choose well. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quotation – and for peace of mind. Call 0161 366 8866 or use the contact form below.

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