Intercounty’s Smart, Unique Flush-Fitting Gutter Stop Ends and Locking Corners

You may have seen, on some inferior types of seamless aluminium gutter, the use of rather crude crimped-in stop ends – they are recessed into the gutter and held in place by a pinching action, done with pliers, which can buckle the fitting and damage the coating.

Crimped-in stop ends are not attractive to look at and there are better alternatives. Intercounty use flush-fitting, polycarbonate stop ends, which are specially made to our specification and achieve a much smoother, more professional look. Note the attached image, where you can see insignia on the inside of the product, which is unique to us.

Also unique to Intercounty are our polycarbonate Locking Corners, which again look much more refined than the flimsy aluminium alternatives. We have locking straight connectors too, used on the rare occasions they are needed – seamless aluminium gutters generally do not need joints in the running length.

These great looking fittings are available in anthracite grey, black, white and brown (and in special colours for special orders), and we use them on all installations. You don’t fit new guttering very often – when you do it’s important to choose the best quality and the best value for money. Why not give us a call and see what we can do for you: 0161 366 8866.

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