Leaking gutters and downpipes can damage your home

The picture shows a broken uPVC downpipe. It has evidently been vandalised or hit accidentally. uPVC is a cheap material that is often used automatically by builders and other tradesmen, because it is cheap. But you have to ask yourself – is it cost effective, for you the homeowner, in the long run? We would say no – installing cheap, inferior materials means revisiting the same problems of cracks and leaks over and over again.
At Intercounty Seamless Guttering we don’t do gutter repairs – we install Seamless Aluminium Gutters, which are built to last.

Seamless gutters are made to measure on site, so there are no joints in the running length, and NO JOINTS=NO LEAKS. Similarly, our aluminium downpipes are tough and do not crack and shatter the way plastic does. We even make special vandal resistant downpipes, which fit tight to the wall, so fingers cannot get behind them to prise them off or climb up them.

Seamless Aluminium Gutters have been used for generations in the USA, Canada and Australia; and in the UK for the last 3 or 4 decades. Over there, the idea of using plastic for gutters would be unthinkable. Some of the first installations we ever carried out, 30+ years ago, are still in place and still working perfectly well. Who’s to say they won’t still be there in another 30 years?

You don’t replace your gutters every day, so when you do it is important to get it right, with a permanent solution. Install aluminium gutters and you will probably never have to think about it again.

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