National Gutter Maintenance Week?! – You bet!

As the sun beats down outside in what finally looks like the beginnings of the British summer, it might seem odd to be thinking about rainwater systems: the gutters and downpipes that drain water away and keep our homes dry. However, we just stumbled upon an article, via Twitter, that talks about just that.

The core of the discussion was National Maintenance Week, which now incorporates what was National Gutters Day, itself once a standalone event. And, indeed, these events normally fall in November; the last, 2014’s, took place during the week of 21-28 November, last winter.

National Maintenance Week was the brainchild of SPAB: The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, who quote the great Victorian designer and Arts and Crafts exponent, William Morris, in their thinking. The Society’s remit is pretty clear in its name, and they are concerned, within that, to stress the importance not only of maintaining and repairing buildings, but of staying ahead of the curve, i.e.: keeping on top of preventative maintenance with inspections, upgrades and timely repairs, so that more extensive, expensive and maybe irreparable damage that might otherwise come later is averted.

Of course, as their name suggests, SPAB’s first priority is to concentrate minds on the state of the country’s stock of ancient buildings: churches, manor houses, palaces, priories and such. However, most buildings have the potential to become ancient and, even before they do, they all need maintenance.

And that brings us to the key point: that the ongoing maintenance which is vital to all buildings is best done in the summer, before all that wet stuff really sets in. By the time that leaking gutter or broken downpipe is spilling water into your wall cavity and creating mildew in your bedroom and lounge, the job is long overdue and you have a far more expensive job on your hands.

It makes sense to do those repairs whilst the sun shines, and gutters, as the first line of defence against water ingress, are a key part of that battle. So, before it becomes a crisis, get those cracked and porous old gutters and downpipes replaced with a super, long-lasting seamless aluminium rainwater system.

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