Victorian Ogee Guttering

Victorian Ogee Guttering

This profile is an aluminium copy based on the 19th century Victorian cast iron design. It is fully interchangeable with existing gutters of similar section and is therefore ideal for restoration and refurbishment. There are three widths in the standard range, 100mm, 113mm, and 125mm.

Victorian Ogee Guttering Configurations
Gutter Lengths
Length 100mm (4″) 113mm (4.5″) 125mm (5″)
1.83m (6′)
Angle 100mm (4″) 113mm (4.5″) 125mm (5″)
External Angles 90°
Internal Angles 90°
External Angles 135°
Internal Angles 135°
Non Standard Angles
Oulet 100mm (4″) 113mm (4.5″) 125mm (5″)
Outlets – 63mm Ø
Outlets – 75mm Ø
Stop Ends / Unions
Ends / Unions 100mm (4″) 113mm (4.5″) 125mm (5″)
Stop Ends – External
Stop Ends – Internal
Joint Connector
Brackets 100mm (4″) 113mm (4.5″) 125mm (5″)
Fascia Brackets
Rafter Brackets – Top Fix
Rafter Brackets – Side Fix
Rise & Fall Brackets

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We can powder coat your rainwater goods in any colour. Why not go for a funky red, a cheerful yellow or something that matches other features of your home – maybe the pale green of your conservatory?

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