Technical Information

Technical Information


A seamless aluminium rainwater system is fabricated in continuous lengths on site. It is tailor-made for the property and is virtually maintenance free.

Colour Coating

Three colour options form the standard range: black, white or brown (special colours on request – enquire for further details). The durable, long-lasting paint finish is applied using a polyester powder coat process which is applied to the highest standards during the manufacture process.

Flow Capacity

The Stratus 5” (125mm) Seamless Ogee gutter has a flow capacity of 2.8 litres per second when fitted nominally level. Flow capacity is calculated by the method used in Building Research Establishment Digest No 189 (Roof Drainage, Part 2).

Polycarbonate Locking Corners and End Caps

These are a sleek, efficient means of completing a quality seamless aluminium system, exclusively designed and manufactured for InterCounty. See Technical Brochure at the bottom of this page (downloadable).


InterCounty Seamless Aluminium Gutters are specified all over the UK and Ireland. For harsh or marine environments, a change to the specification or maintenance programme may be required. The technical estimator should recommend the most appropriate installation and maintenance for the location.


InterCounty Seamless Aluminium Gutters are protected with a polyester coating called Hydro Coating. Hydro coated aluminium coil has been used in seamless gutters for many years, in extreme climate locations all over the world. Over this length of time, the integrity of the system has been tested for life cycle performance. The results show that the system has a typical service life well in excess of 30 years. Hydro Agrément-approved coil meets all the technical standards for UK construction.

Thermal Movement

Coefficient of linear expansion is 24 x 10-6 per Deg. C (2.4mm movement per 10m lengths for temperature change of 10 Deg. C). Because of the ductile nature of aluminium and the fact that there are no joints in a run of seamless guttering, expansion and contraction does not cause leakage or warp and distort the gutter.

Dissimilar Materials

The system should not be installed to connect into any steel based rainwater pipes or where water from copper roofs or flashings may drain into it. When fixing the gutter direct to concrete, a custom-made stand-off bracket should be used.

The False Economy of Inferior Materials

PVC might seem like a cheap solution, but it is not a cost effective one. PVC doesn’t have strength and rigidity of aluminium and it will chip, warp and crack with changes in temperature. This is because PVC has higher expansion co-efficient, causing expansion and contraction of the gutter, thus causing leaks and damage. PVC will also discolour with exposure to the elements. Cast Iron gutters are prone to rot and rust. Painting is required every few years, and yet, gives limited product protection. Wooden gutters are prone to rot and need regular painting. They are also of low flow capacity, due to their thick walls.


Pre-coated aluminium coil is cold-rolled and formed at your property through a special forming machine, typically mounted in a small commercial vehicle or trailer. The gutters are produced in continuous lengths of up to 30m and cut to fit the exact length required. Stop ends are applied to the end of the gutter run and outlet holes are drilled to accommodate the downpipe where required.

Please note that, whereas every effort will be made to install seamless aluminium gutters without joints in the running length, this is restricted by the length limitation set out above, as well as, sometimes, by access: getting around obstructions such as cables, aerials, satellite dishes etc. can mean that we occasionally have to include joints.  We therefore reserve the right to take operational decisions in the light of site conditions and to include joints where necessary.


The ogee style of Seamless Aluminium Guttering is perfectly suited to installation on both new build and on older buildings for refurbishment projects. It can often also combine well with existing gutter and downpipes for repair work.

  • Domestic & Commercial Property
  • Period, Traditional or
  • Contemporary Buildings
  • New Build
  • Refurbishments
  • Repairs
  • Extensions


Guaranteed for 2 years. Actual life expectancy 30 years +.

Environmental Issues

Aluminium is the third most plentiful element on Earth (behind only oxygen and silicon) and by far the most abundant metal. The long history of aluminium in the aircraft industry testifies to its durability and corrosion resistance, as well as its strength and lightness. Another key feature of aluminium, from an environmental perspective, is the ease with which it can be recycled. As the extensive recycling of aluminium drinks cans indicates, this is easily done, through melting-down, liquefying and reforming the material.

PVC, on the other hand, is a very difficult material, environmentally speaking. Being derived from oil and chlorine, it is fundamentally a problematic substance. The oil component is from fossil fuel, which is not a sustainable resource, and the finished product is not biodegradable: it breaks down only into granules, which animals can then ingest, with consequences which are tragically predictable for the animals first affected and, also, potentially, for those further up the food chain, including human beings. PVC can also contain toxic additives, such as heavy metals. These two issues make it difficult to recycle, resulting in vast quantities being sent to landfill or ending up dumped in other, even more unsuitable places. It also creates and releases one of the most toxic substances: dioxins. Vapours released during manufacture and incineration have been linked to various cancers. (source

Greenpeace has called for the cessation of PVC production, see…


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