Blog Articles from September 2014

Blog Articles from September 2014

Manchester the new capital of the North?

Manchester has been the focal point of much interest and speculation in recent weeks, involving national and international attention.  A few weeks ago we had the Soccerex Conference: Sepp Blatter and friends came to town to…

Ever more Seamless Aluminium Gutters in Tameside

When we first started our business, back in the 1980s, seamless aluminium gutters were a rarity.  The idea of a gutter that could be rolled out to the full length of a building with no joints…

Broken Plastic Gutters and Downpipes? Upgrade to Aluminium

Sadly, broken plastic rainwater pipes and gutters are not an untypical sight. In this shot, firstly, we can see that this plastic rainwater pipe has been damaged, by accidental impact or vandalism. Secondly, we can see…

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