• Time to Replace Your Gutters?

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    Rainwater Hopper with flower. Photograph courtesy Stephen Riley Photography

    Does this look familiar? Our wonderful, temperate climate has, amongst its many benefits, abundant rainwater which encourages rapid movement of large volumes of water. A side effect, however, can be damage to buildings, including that caused by plant growth. What might be a welcome dash of colour in a wild-flower meadow is definitely not so appreciated when it causes blockages or splits in gutters that result in those hefty volumes of water finding their way under roof tiles.

  • Tameside and Glossop Connection for the First Woman Bishop

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    Mottram Church. Photograph courtesy of Stephen Riley Photography

    We would not be the first to observe that what Manchester does the world then follows. Ernest Rutherford, the pioneer of nuclear physics, did his most famous work at Manchester University. Alan Turing helped save the civilised world with his code-breaking work before heading north to co-invent the computer at the same esteemed establishment. Revolutionary thinker and suffragette, Emmeline Pankhurst, was born a mile or two away in Moss Side. We could go on. It seems fitting then that the Church of England’s first female bishop will be based in Greater Manchester.

  • New Road for Tameside / Peak District Bottleneck: Good News and Great Gutters from Intercounty Seamless Guttering, Manchester

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    Mottram Church. Pic courtesy Stephen Riley Photography

    A new road has been announced for one of the region’s worst traffic crisis points. Extending from the end of the M67 at the Hattersley roundabout, near Tesco’s store, the new by-pass will eliminate the current crush through Mottram-in-Longdendale.

    The proposed route appears to pass over fields in the first instance, before crossing Roe Cross Road and Old Road between Mottram Deep Cutting and the roundabout at the top of Back Moor. It then sweeps across country once more and finally connects back to existing roads close to the Gun Inn.

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