• When it’s too smart a house for UPVC gutters, choose aluminium

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    Mink coloured Intercounty Nimbus Ogee Gutter 1

    You have chosen that cool, ergonomically perfect kitchen, installed a gorgeous, luxurious bathroom, created a lounge in which you can unwind at the end of each hard-working day, and you have carefully cultivated a lovely garden and patio for your well-deserved relaxation time on those long summer Sunday afternoons.  You would hardly, now, go and spoil it all with run-of-the-mill plastic gutters of the kind that can be bought off-the-shelf in DIY chain stores. 

  • Manchester the new capital of the North?

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    Manchester Town Hall

    Manchester has been the focal point of much interest and speculation in recent weeks, involving national and international attention.  A few weeks ago we had the Soccerex Conference: Sepp Blatter and friends came to town to discuss football’s future, including the thorny issue of the selection of the next two World Cup countries.  This week the Labour Party arrived for its annual conference.  Both conventions were held at Manchester Central, which was previously the G-Mex Centre and prior to that, for those with long memories, Central Station.

  • Ever more Seamless Aluminium Gutters in Tameside

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    Seamless Aluminium Gutter on sandstone house

    When we first started our business, back in the 1980s, seamless aluminium gutters were a rarity.  The idea of a gutter that could be rolled out to the full length of a building with no joints was unheard of and seemed impossible.  However, a drive around Tameside now reveals that many home and business owners have caught on.  The streets of Stalybridge, Denton, Ashton-under-Lyne and the rest demonstrate that people are seeing and opting for the benefits of seamless aluminium instead of other types on the market.

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