April Showers!

April, with its customary showers, is here again. Given what we have seen during the last few months, we may well greet this with optimism, as it suggests periods when it DOESN’T rain, as well as periods when it does. That might be a refreshing change!

However, we in Cheshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire and West Yorkshire have done far better than the people of Somerset, Devon, Berkshire and Surrey. Greater Manchester, legendary for its hefty rainwater stats, seems to have come through a record wet winter largely unscathed, compared to some regions.

But, whatever comes, we at Intercounty Seamless we are ok with all that rain. It’s what we’re here for. We supply aluminium seamless gutters, along with downpipes and stylish fascias/soffits, to keep your home smart and dry.

Intercounty Seamless Guttering has a very large capacity, and whereas standard plastic / UPVC half-round gutters can be overwhelmed by deluges, our 5” (125mm) ‘Ogee’ design takes a much greater volume of rainwater, and is unlikely to be troubled, whatever the unpredictable British climate throws at it.

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