Pros and Cons of Aluminium VS Plastic Guttering

Here at InterCounty Rainwater Ltd, we recognise how crucial it is to have complete trust in your guttering system. Leaks, damp and expensive repair costs should be the last thing on anyone’s mind when investing in a rainwater drainage solution for their property. That’s why it is vital to consider the pros and cons of each material on offer, before you make your decision.

Two of the primary materials used for guttering are aluminium and plastic. There are advantages and disadvantages with both of these options, which is why we’ve put together this useful guide on the pros and cons of aluminium VS plastic guttering to help you decide.

Pros of Aluminium Guttering VS Cons of Plastic Guttering

Aluminium guttering has many advantages that make it a favourable option to choose for a rainwater system. Read on to find out more.

Aluminium is More Weather-Resistant

One of the most important qualities that all guttering systems should have is weather-resistance. Aluminium is a highly resistant material that is able to withstand adverse weather conditions, including storms, heavy rain, snow and ice. 
Our 5” (125mm) size seamless aluminium guttering holds up with ease against all of the above. Not only is it lightweight, to minimise any strain on your building’s fascia, it also possesses outstanding snow-loading capacity – ensuring the protection of your property from any weather-related damage.

Aluminium is More Environmentally Friendly

Plastic is at the centre of many environmental concerns. Although some plastics can be recycled, it depends on their resin code. Whereas, aluminium is a natural, non-carbon material that is 100% recyclable, and the recycling process can be repeated as many times as necessary. Additionally, the energy it takes to recycle aluminium is merely 5% of what is used to make primary aluminium – making it a much easier process than recycling plastic.
Not only is our seamless aluminium guttering better for the environment, the same can be said for our wide range of sectional aluminium guttering. Our Special Moulded Ogee Guttering, Moulded Ogee Guttering, Victorian Ogee Guttering, Half Round Guttering, Beaded Half Round Guttering, Beaded Half Round Deep Flow Extruded Guttering, Beaded Half Round Deep Flow Cast Guttering and Box Profiled Aluminium Guttering are all expertly manufactured using high-quality, BBA Approved, aluminium coil.

Aluminium is More Durable and Requires Less Maintenance

Changes in the weather can impact your gutter system. Torrential rain, thunderstorms and heavy downpours can cause many conventional gutters, such as plastic gutters for example, to overflow – resulting in water damage to not only your rainwater system, but also your property. Whereas, our deep, broad, aluminium Ogee guttering has around three times the capacity of conventional half-round domestic plastic gutters and can handle a much broader range of conditions.
Thanks to our seamless and sectional aluminium gutters being double-coated, our high-quality products are even more durable – providing a higher-resistance to surface corrosion and enough strength to take a leaning ladder. Not to mention, in comparison with plastic, which does not last anywhere near as long, our aluminium rain gutters are essentially a zero-maintenance product – given their 2-year warranty and 30+ year life expectancy.

Aluminium is More Aesthetically Pleasing

When it comes to home installations, the majority of people would prefer these additions to be somewhat aesthetically pleasing. This is where aluminium comes in. Plastic can look low-quality in comparison to aluminium, and the pricing between the two materials can show. 
This is why we offer customisable aluminium guttering. Want your gutters to match other features of your home? We can powder-coat your rainwater goods in any colour you choose! As part of this process, our expert manufacturers cut your specially coloured aluminium gutters into sections of 3m in length, which are then coated in powder and installed with InterCounty’s colour-matched 100% reliable locking jointers and corners.

Cons of Aluminium Guttering VS Pros of Plastic Guttering

There are some pros to plastic guttering. However, from an industry perspective, these pros do not outweigh the cons when compared to aluminium guttering.

Aluminium Can be More Expensive than Plastic Due to its Higher Quality

Plastic guttering can be produced for a lower cost than its aluminium opponent, which means it can also be sold to consumers at a lower price point. However, the reason for the higher pricing of aluminium gutters is due to the material’s high-quality and durability. Plastic is a very brittle material, meaning there is a possibility plastic guttering could inhibit damage from intense sunlight, or simply decay due to wear and tear over time. On the other hand, aluminium guttering is much more durable, not only withstanding the test of unstable weather conditions, but also the test of time.
Despite aluminium gutters being sold at a higher price point than plastic, you can still save money using our aluminium project solutions. Thanks to our highly experienced on-site manufacturers, our seamless and sectional aluminium guttering is quick and easy to install – cutting down labour costs. Not to mention, the overall quality and durability of our aluminium gutters is sure to last you a lifetime, saving you money on repair or labour costs that would otherwise be necessary for its plastic counterparts.

There is a Smaller Selection of Aluminium Guttering Manufacturers on the Market

Compared to plastic guttering, there is a small selection of aluminium guttering competitors within the market. However, this is because many gutter manufacturers are yet to recognise the immense potential of aluminium rainwater products. 
Here at InterCounty Rainwater, we are proud to be one of the first guttering specialists to notice the limitless aptitude of aluminium within the industry. Regarded as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, we are also proud to be based in Hyde, Greater Manchester, fulfilling our region’s metal fabricator heritage.

Looking for A Seamless Aluminium Guttering System?

We hope this quick and easy guide has highlighted the benefits of aluminium guttering in comparison to the downsides of plastic guttering. If you’re looking to invest in a guttering system you can trust, look no further than our tailor-made, long-lasting and easy-to-install seamless and sectional aluminium guttering. As a CHAS Accredited contractor, we are trusted experts. Our wide range of aluminium rainwater drainage solutions are all produced on-site by our mobile forming machines and specialist manufacturers, to precisely fit your home. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

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