Time to Replace Your Gutters?

Does this look familiar? Our wonderful, temperate climate has, amongst its many benefits, abundant rainwater which encourages rapid movement of large volumes of water. A side effect, however, can be damage to buildings, including that caused by plant growth. What might be a welcome dash of colour in a wild-flower meadow is definitely not so appreciated when it causes blockages or splits in gutters that result in those hefty volumes of water finding their way under roof tiles.

Rainwater systems made from traditional materials can corrode and crack causing water ingress and building damage, with that little side-issue of creating spaces for plants to take root. Lead on roofs is an attraction to thieves as well as being an intrinsically toxic substance. All of the roofline items once made from wood, cast iron, lead and plastic, such as gutters, hoppers, downpipes, flashings and valley liners are now available in aluminium fabrications, which do not rot, rust or split in extremes of temperature. Also, Intercounty Seamless Aluminium Gutters have a much greater capacity than standard domestic half-round PVC gutters, so the torrential downpours we have become used to in recent years are much more easily handled.

We take gutters for granted, but they are in the front line when it comes to protecting the integrity of our homes and other buildings. So, why not take a moment to look up and see how things are going up there. It is important to get in and get those jobs done before real damage sets in.

Intercounty Seamless: Gutters for Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire and West Yorkshire.

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