How Eco-Friendly is Aluminium Guttering?

Here at InterCounty Rainwater, we understand the importance of not only being able to have complete trust in your guttering system, but also being kind to the environment. That’s why we’ve combined the two! Read on to find out more about our reliable and eco-friendly seamless aluminium guttering.

The Eco-Friendly Aspects of Aluminium Guttering

Referred to as the ‘Green Metal’, aluminium is one of the most sustainable metals on the market. Unlike other commonly used materials, re-using aluminium requires much less time and energy. When this sustainability is combined with its durable properties, aluminium serves as the perfect material to create a weather-resistant, long-lasting and low-maintenance rainwater drainage solution. Discover more about the eco-friendly aspects of aluminium guttering below.

Aluminium is 100% Recyclable, Infinitely…

Known as one of the most recyclable metals in the industrial field, aluminium is 100% recyclable. Not to mention, it can be recycled again and again, without compromising on its comprehensive qualities. Re-using aluminium is one of the best actions you can take for the environment, as the process saves 95% of the energy used in its production from raw materials. 

This is just one of the many reasons why we offer aluminium guttering systems. Not only does our BBA approved aluminium coil provide our customers with a durable, high-quality and weather-resistant drainage solution, but we can rest assured that its production process is helping the planet too.

Aluminium is a Great Alternative to Other Less Sustainable Materials

Why use less sustainable materials, such as timber and steel, when you can use aluminium instead? In the construction industry, aluminium is used to replace timber 74% of the time during the development of residential properties. Much less maintenance is required for aluminium in comparison to timber and a positive environmental impact is made, such as reduction of deforestation.

Thanks to our seamless aluminium rainwater systems, there are no joints in the running length of our gutters – no joints means no leaks and no leaks means less maintenance. Compared to conventionally used environmentally harmful guttering materials, such as plastic, aluminium is not only sustainable, but it’s also able to withstand adverse weather conditions, including storms, heavy rain, snow and ice. Read more about the pros and cons of aluminium VS plastic guttering here.

Aluminium is a Natural and Abundant Material

In comparison to man-made materials commonly used for guttering, such as steel, aluminium is a natural and abundant material. Often found in minerals and ores, particularly bauxite and cryolite (which are aluminium silicates), aluminium is the third most abundant element on Earth. Whereas, the production process of steel is highly polluting – the air pollution emitted during this process, naphthalene, is very toxic and not only damages the environment, but also poses serious health risks to humans. 

That’s why we pride ourselves on being considerate to the environment via our aluminium rain gutter solutions. Our extensive range features not only Seamless Aluminium Guttering, but also Sectional Aluminium Guttering (available in Special Moulded, Moulded, Victorian, Box Profiled and various Half Round Ogee gutter styles) and Architectural Aluminium – as well as Aluminium Downpipes and Aluminium Hopper Heads. No matter the style, shape, size, or even colour – there is something for everyone at InterCounty.

Recycling Aluminium Saves a Lot of Energy

Re-using aluminium will provide you with an enviable carbon footprint, as the process saves a huge amount of energy in comparison to other harmful materials. In fact, recycling aluminium saves 97% of greenhouse gases used in the primary production process. But, the advantages don’t stop there – the process also saves energy on oil, electricity, landfill space and most importantly, CO2 emissions. 

The infinite properties of aluminium make it the perfect material to use for a guttering system. Not only is it lightweight, minimising unnecessary strain on your fascia, it is also strong and durable – meaning it can be rolled or hammered into extremely thin sheets without causing damage to the metal. This is why we use our specialist mobile rolling machine to shape our double-coated BBA approved aluminium coil into a seamless ogee style gutter. This flexibility allows us to fabricate aluminium gutters on-site to suit the precise measurements of your home.

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